Monday, March 18, 2013

how to make friends online

  1. Look for like-minded people.  
  2. Find a website where people are either interested in meeting new people or people share similar interests. Some examples of general interest sites where you can make new friends:
    • wikiHow.
    • Facebook
      • Go to the App Center, and browse through the list. When you find things you like, join in!

      • Create your own group. Go to your groups page, click on the +Groups button in the upper right corner, and fill out the form:

    • EasyFriends. is a social networking site to make friends onlie. You can meet new people along the world and connect with them.n
    • Twitter. What started as a lark has become one of the biggest success stories of the social media revolution. Follow people who share your interests, "tweet" your comments to your followers, comment on interesting tweets of the people you follow, and you will soon develop online friendship with a whole flock of tweeters. Sign up today, and tweet!

    • YouTube. If you haven't seen a YouTube video, you're not on the Internet! However, you might not have realized that it's a community as well. Like Twitter, you can follow videographers and other contributors, comment on their videos, join in sometimes-lively discussions, and start making friends.
    • Friendsies. is one of the many online friendship sites where you can join and meet friends in cyberspace. This site is unique in that it uses a comprehensive matching system based on a personality profile (think 15 minutes worth of answering personality and situation-driven questions). Their system then sends compatible "friends" to your inbox. This site is free; others may charge for membership.
    • LinkedIn. For professionals, LinkedIn is a great way not just to network, but to meet the people in your field that are involved in the same work you are. Not only that, there are hundreds of groups to join—from Adobe Photoshop to Leadership Think Tank—that will have you involved and meeting new people in no time. If you're not a member, you can sign up at
    • LiveJournal. An online journaling service, [ LiveJournal] features a community discussing virtually any topic, from politics to kittens and ice cream. You post to your journal, comment on others, and make new friends. The basic service is free, though there is a premium account service as well.
    • Second Life. "Your world. Your imagination." is the tagline for Second Life. It's a virtual world that features highly realistic avatars, dancing, games, and role playing everything from medieval dungeons and dragons to pirates to futuristic battle bots. Meet people from around the world who share your fantasies and imagination.

    • Tumblr. A blog hosting platform, where you can post or reblog things and receive notes. The community also has a variety of fandoms, which are subcultures created by fans. Some of the most popular fandoms on Tumblr are Homestuck, Harry Potter, Rise of the Guardians and Pokemon.

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