Saturday, January 31, 2015

How to cut mp3 songs in vlc player and merge mp3 songs

Recording in VLC Player

Step 1: Launch Vlc player and in the top menu goto View option and click Advanced Controls
Step 2:  Click the Advanced Controls option in the top menu 4 new Options will appear in the bottom of the player and above play,pause buttons.
Step 3: The first button in the 4 options gives you the option to record. Actually we are not cutting mp3 but recording .
Step 4: Choose the time range from where you want to record(cut) the mp3 file and click the record button .You can end recording
manually by again clicking on record button or just close the vlc player it will automatically save your file.
Step 5: To check the recorded file whether it is recorded correctly or not open the My Computer in the left sidebar navigation of your player and then goto My Music.

 Merging mp3 songs

to merge songs download mergemp3

select the files in FILE menu then select FILE -->MERGE(Ctrl+M)

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